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By: Amy Martin | AFAA Editorial Contributor
He has eaten his first peanut ... and his second and third, and well, today, he ate 4 peanuts.
"Not good." My son said, with a twisted face. After months of steady and incredibly slow increases, sometimes bumpy days and watchful nights…he finally reached the threshold to increase to his very first peanut. 

We did it. 

{I don't feel one bit badly about saying “we” because this is truly a family effort, even though my son has to be the one to ingest his poison, he couldn’t do it without us behind him every step of the way.

He has eaten his first peanut…and his second and third, and well, today, he ate 4 peanuts. Twice. Once in the morning and again tonight. Do you know what happened after he ate it? Nothing. 

I have cried every single time I have watched another OIT patient eat their first peanut; yet, on his day, I was all adrenaline, ready to pounce if need be, watching my contact-allergic child shove an entire peanut in his mouth. Everyone smiled and took pictures. As he announced his displeasure at the texture, everyone laughed and then….nothing. He was fine. All our work was paying off and I just witnessed it in all it’s glory.

Every day before had gotten him closer to where he needed to be, but now it is more outwardly meaningful. I am handing him whole peanuts to eat. No more liquid or powder, I know exactly what I am feeding him. At three peanuts, he was able to dose with Peanut M&M’s along with a good friend he has met through our weekly doctor’s appointments. The boys were so excited to buy red and green Christmas M&M’s. This week, when he increased to 4 peanuts, we decided to try flavored peanut butter. Next week, we will switch to plain peanut butter. 

Walls that once barricaded him and us from a normal life have begun to crumble. Today, he sat right next to his lifelong friend, who happens to live here in Utah, as the friend ate a PB&J sandwich. I ordered a grilled cheese for my son, despite the fact that there was peanut butter on the menu and teenage boys behind the counter who may not be as vigilant about cross contamination as I would like. We went to the grocery store and he got to pick out something as a snack that said “may contain” or “processed in a facility with peanuts.” So many new experiences!

When we began, his doctor promised us this life; a life that allows us even more freedom as we get closer to graduation. We put our faith in this doctor and this program and I can clearly say: it works. I have no doubt that even if some time in the next eight weeks we falter, we will not fail. I have said on the good days and the bad, before we even moved here and now, I will never regret making this choice for my son and our family.



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