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By: Sarah Plato, Community Outreach & Development Coordinator | North Scottsdale | AFAA
"Dr. Sharma: It is true that some asthma inhalers contain  lactose, and as a result, contain trace amounts of associated milk protein...." Allergic Living Magazine
Thank God for Facebook. Today I was looking through my "news feed" which previously I thought was a silly name for a category for friends' complaints and annoyances of the day, until today when I stumbled on this article by Dr. Sharma about dairy in dry inhalers used for asthma. Well, I stopped in my tracts and read this carefully as my son has an anaphylactic allergy to dairy and has mild asthma treated by inhalers. I found this amazing that some dry inhalers have lactose (milk sugar)! I'm reading on and the article doesn't name which ones list dairy as an ingredient so I read on to the comments left by readers and found a name my son uses- Pulmicort! Thankfully my son uses
the nebulizer formulation which apparently does not contain milk- phew! Still, what on Earth would make me think "oh yea don't forget to check for milk in that inhaler." Another reader also commented on finding peanut as a contaminant in one of her inhalers... Scary business! So now I have learned a new lesson..."call every drug company for every drug my allergic child is given- every time."


10/26/2014 11:51am

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