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By: , AFAA Director of Operations
"A new nonprofit organization launched today is taking the American public and the food allergy community to a whole new level of support and compassion"
Photo courtesy of FAACT
Very exciting news for the food allergy & anaphylaxis community today! There has been much change and what seems like organized chaos amongst the national organizations in our community over the last couple years. Merger's, new start-ups, bloggers taking center stage, state level organizations morphing from support groups to nonprofits in their own right, and more!

The buzz from the community is that of contentment, hopefulness, confusion, and a lot of disappointment. Without pointing the finger at any one organization - there has been lack of compassion, lack of support, lack of advocacy, lack of education, and lack of awareness. This coupled with a general sense of "trying to be everything to everyone".

I have personally worked with each one of the leaders at the new FAACT on multiple levels. Some more than others. I have positive things to say about each and every one of them. How will they fill a void that is greatly in need of repair to help our community?

I could write to tell you about each of their bio's. You can check that out first hand for yourself HERE. Instead I will tell you this: Each and every one of these leaders for the new FAACT, is A MOTHER OF A CHILD WITH LIFE-THREATENING FOOD ALLERGIES! Each of them have also been successful in their own right on a state and national level educating, advocating and supporting the community. They know first hand what it is to have their child diagnosed, work with schools, restaurants and more. They get it!

What exactly are they bringing that hasn't already been brought to the table? They have worked in the food allergy community for YEARS, and know what is working and what wasn't working. Here's what you can find on their site and look forward to in 2014:

Annual Food Allergy Conferences in California, Georgia, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

CAMP TAG, The Food Allergy Gang Summer Camps in California, New Jersey and a Midwestern location TBA.

Teen Conference & Advisory Council

Adult Resources

Civil Rights Advocacy


Government Relations

and more!

Arizona Food Allergy has a great working relationship with FAACT, and their leadership. We are excited about the opportunities to work together with a national organization that can help us on a state level here in Arizona, as well as what they can bring to the Nation. Congratulations not only to FAACT and their leadership, but to our food allergy & anaphylaxis community. Let's celebrate this new organization and all the great things we have to look forward to in 2014... Happy New Year ... Here's to new beginnings!